Our site is dedicated to health insurance in the Slovak Republic.

Here you can make an application for health insurance in Slovakia without any surcharges or hidden fees.

You don't need to live in Bratislava for it, you can live in any city, countryside in Slovakia!

Official representatives of the insurance companies respond to all applications.

Compare ALL insurances for foreigners here.

We try to inform people about the different kinds of health insurance available in Slovakia, how they work and what type of health insurance is suitable to each particular person. We give answers to the big questions such as: "what kind of health insurance would be better for you?" and "What kind of insurance company would be better or more preferable for you?"

Let's begin by working out if you need health insurance.

You need to have health insurance, if you:

  • reconnect with someone who has a residence permit in Slovakia
  • are going to work in Slovakia
  • are going to be self-employed or you are planning to start a company in Slovakia
  • are planning to visit Slovakia as a tourist, diplomat, scientist or athlete
  • intend to study in Slovakia, but do not have permanent residence in Slovakia, as the state does not provide insurance to you as a student

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Why do I need health insurance in Slovakia?

Firstly, in order to obtain a residence permit or permanent residence in Slovakia you must provide documents, which prove that you have insurance, to the police department that works with foreigners. Without these documents residence permits will be unobtainable.

Secondly, the cover provided by such insurances will protect you from the huge costs associated with foreigners receiving healthcare, should you or your family require it. As you know, medicine is paid for in Slovakia and there are no free alternatives. You can receive high quality and timely medical aid in only two cases: if you will pay for all services you require, or if you have insurance which can cover all of your expenses.

There are 2 different types of health insurance available in Slovakia; public health insurance and individual (commercial) health insurance.

Usually, foreigners (or people traveling to Slovakia) take out individual (commercial) health insurance. This cannot be done just anywhere as only a few insurance companies of Slovakia have been specifically accredited for this.

A description of the major insurance companies can be found on the pages of our site.