List of doctors

Be aware that if you receive health insurance from Union poisťovňa, a. s., you can only use this insurance when visiting those physicians who collaborate with the company.

Fortunately, Union poisťovňa, a. s. health insurance covers a rather large base of medical institutions and private doctor's offices who accept insurance payments from Union.

Before you receive any treatment, it is best to ask if they accept your insurance. Foreigners also need to inform the doctor that they do not have 'ordinary' but commercial insurance from Union, because they are two completely different insurances. There may be doctors who take 'ordinary' Union insurance, but do not take the commercial variant. Although this happens rarely, especially when it comes to Bratislava.

You can choose a doctor from a list offered by Union poisťovňa, a. s., if desired. You can download the list of doctors in Slovakia from Union directly.

It is important that you are aware of the fact that some doctors, due to congestion, cannot take new patients, even if they work with clients of Union. In such cases, you need to take the contacts of several doctors, visit each of them, and afterwards choose whichever of them is most suitable for your needs. Emergency cases are obviously an exception to this; however the doctors will typically review your insurance before any major treatments take place.