Insurance coverage

Union poisťovňa, a. s. offers you and your family comprehensive medical insurance for a network of contractual and non-contractual healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, private physicians and excellent medical equipment).

Our contractual health insurance provides coverage for:

  • out-patient care - general practitioners for children and adolescents, general practitioner for adults, specialists and   preventive examinations, contracted and non-contracted medical doctors with Union
  • in-patient care
  • emergency medical service
  • medicaments, pharmaceutical products, healthcare aids (only prescribed by a medical doctor)
  • diagnostics and therapy treatments provided by a medical doctor
  • acute dental treatment in a case of an accident or to relieves pain
  • transportation (incl. Helicopter) of disabled persons in emergency situation to protect the life and health

Insurance claim (insured event) is an injury or illness for which treatment necessitated cost of medical care provided to the insured persons during the insurance period.

Union poisťovňa, a. s. will pay for your medical expenses for health care up to the amount 60,000 Euros;
maternity insurance covers up to 17,000 Euros.

It is important to note that with health insurance from Union you do not need to pay anything to the doctor and you do not need to take any supporting documents from the doctor. All you need to do is show your insurance card and that is all. The insurance company will make all necessary payments without requiring your participation.