How to order

Here is an example of how registration for insurance from the Union insurance company takes place:

1. You place an order for insurance online.

We do not charge any additional or hidden fees for ordering insurance online. All applications are processed by official representatives of the insurance company chosen by you.

You will pay all payments to the accounts of the insurance company, officially, without any extra charges.

First, you can simply place an order online without any obligation. The representative of the insurance company will contact you and inform you of the cost of the required insurance. You can then either accept the insurance offer, change the order, or cancel.

2. After that we'll contact you and you must submit a declaration for each person (adult, child) who you wish to insure.

3. To place an order you need to send the following information for each person to be covered by the policy:

- completed declaration (the questionnaire should be completed in Slovak or English. You can download the declaration here: Slovak language version, English language version.)
- a copy of their passport (either scan or photo), a residence permit card (if you have one), you need to scan or take a picture in high quality (about 600 DPI, width up to 1400 pixels)
- the specific times/dates to which the insurance is required (for example, 3, 6, 9, 12 months)
- if you need insurance for an athlete or a pregnant woman, it is also must be specified!!!

ATTENTION!!! Without this information it is impossible to estimate the cost of insurance for you!!!

4. On the basis of the documents you send, the representative of the insurance company will assess the cost of insurance for each individual person.

5. You will receive an estimated cost for the insurance directly from the insurance company's representative.

6. You can then either refuse the registration of insurance or confirm your order. If you confirm your order, the representative of the insurance company will prepare a contract, invoice and any other necessary documents.

7. After the agreement of all documents via email, you pay for the insurance, to the official account of the insurance company.

8. After receiving the payment from you, you meet with a representative of the insurance company in Bratislava, personally, you sign all required documents. You then pick up your insurance card and your copies of the documents, as well as the confirmation of insurance for the police department.

And that's it! You and your family members are insured in the Slovak Republic :)