Insurance for foreigners

Foreigners living within the territory of the Slovak Republic must also have medical insurance for foreigners in the Slovak Republic.

Health insurance requirements for foreigners in Slovakia:

1. Foreigners with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic must be appropriately insured (insurance may be paid by an employer or at their own expense). Learn more about the different types of insurance in the section: Medicine in Slovakia.

2. Foreigners visiting Slovakia as tourists must have valid insurance in Slovakia, which was issued either in Slovakia or in another country permitted to issue Slovakian insurances.

3. Foreigners working in Slovakia, or those conducting business must also be insured. Typically, if you work in a company or work for yourself in your own company (you have an employment contract or you pay a salary to yourself), the company covers the cost of insurance for you. If you are registered as a private entrepreneur, you are required to pay for your insurance on a monthly basis.

4. If you are a pupil in a school or a student in high school within the territory of Slovakia, and you have permanent residence, and you are less than 30 years old, then the state will cover the cost of health insurance for you.

If you are older than 30 years of age and you are a student with permanent residence in Slovakia, you are required to arrange your own insurance yourself within 8 days of arrival.

If you do not have permanent residence in Slovakia, you must arrange and pay for your own health insurance.

5. If you are a foreigner, and are legally within the territory of the Slovak Republic, and at the same time are unemployed, are not an entrepreneur and are not registered as a student, then you must arrange and cover the cost of health insurance on your own.

Under normal circumstances, foreign newcomers to Slovakia can apply for individual (commercial) insurance in specially accredited insurance companies.

Reviews for some of these accredited companies can be found on our site.